Vacation Rental Turnover

We provide cleaning services for short-term rental hosts.

There has been a boom in short-term lodging and vacation rentals in the city of Boston. If you have jumped on that wagon, keeping your space in tip-top shape can be a stressful responsibility, especially with frequent turnovers. Lack of cleanliness will very likely result in a bad review, and you can’t afford for that to happen!

Luckily, we’re here to help. We are able to get your space in pristine shape just in time for each new group of guests to check in. We are here to clean up after past guests and prepare your vacation rental for your next set of visitors.

Just like with our residential house cleaning services, we clean your vacation rental property with all green cleaning products. We value both the environment and the health of your guests. We do our part to ensure that the air they breathe is free of artificial and toxic ingredients by using all natural, green cleaning products.

House Bliss Cleaning is your trusted partner to help to take the hassle out of home hosting. We offer:

Extended Availability

We offer turnovers from Monday through Sunday - usually between 10am and 4pm.

House Inspection

We utilize a 100 Point checklist to ensure that the home is in the same condition as it was during the previous cleaning.


We replenish all items left for guests such as shampoo, body wash, snacks, etc. We ensure that these items are ready for the next set of guests and notify the host when items need restocking.

Damage Alerts

Our cleaners will send alerts for any signs of damages, smoking or missing items and report anything out of the ordinary.

Turning your rental house in top shape for guests includes

Making beds and inspecting bed sheets for stains and stray hair
Removing any stray hair with a lint roller or dust brush
Dusting furniture
Vacuum and mop the floors (also under the beds)

Washing shower
Cleaning & disinfecting toilet and sink
Empty bathroom from all used and left shampoos and soaps
Clean inside draws and making sure there is no hair
Vacuum and mop floor

Wash and empty the dishwasher
Put a new kitchen towel on a fresh sponge for guest
Cleaning inside the fridge, remove unwanted food
Wipe the Microwave (inside and outside)
Wipe the toaster and Kettle
Clean the Oven
Change garbage bags in the kitchen, and taking the garbage out 

Check for items that are misplaced and move them back
Check for spider web on the ceiling and corners
Dusting furniture
Vacuum sofa and rugs

A restocking of your essential supplies during every clean
We'll notify you if you're running low on listed supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, anything else you offer in your rental)
We will customize a cleaning and laundry service for your short-term rental in Boston, providing freshly laundered linens and towels for every clean

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