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Two bottles of all natural, non toxic, earth friendly cleaning products

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The Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products

Spring is around the corner, and we all know what that means – chocolate bunnies! Just kidding – well, chocolate bunnies and spring cleaning. Whether you enjoy the actual process of cleaning or not, you probably do like the feeling of a fresh, decluttered, great-smelling house. If you’ve ever thought the only way to achieve those results is through harsh chemicals, buckets of bleach, and a basket full of different sprays and supplies – let me help you rethink green cleaning!

Natural cleaning products are all over the market these days. You can find them for any purpose and in many varieties. Is it really worth going out of your way to clean without chemicals? It’s easier than you might think, plus there are a lot of benefits.

Curious? Here are just a few benefits of non-toxic cleaning:

Non-toxic products are safe for children.  

Children, especially small ones, tend to be huge contributors to whatever mess you’re trying to clean. It’d be great to have an empty house and get all of your cleaning done without kids around, but we know that isn’t usually how it works. With chemical-free or homemade products, you can clean with the little ones around – and maybe they can even help! Go ahead and let them squirt one of your non-toxic products and wipe up with a sponge. At the very least, you won’t need to panic so much when they dig through that cabinet under the sink.

They keep your house – and air – clean.

Just take a big whiff of any store-bought cleaner to get an idea of how many harsh chemicals are in them. Studies show that the air inside many homes is just as polluted as the air outside – and traditional cleaners are a big part of that. Made-from-scratch cleaners or those specially designed with all-natural products don’t leave any chemicals lingering in the air that your family breathes.

Natural cleaning products can be cheaper.

Note that I said, “can be”. There are certainly some pricey, designer natural products out there. If you’re buying a product because you love the beautiful packaging – which is a perfectly acceptable reason – you might end up paying more than you would for an average bottle of Windex. However, you can explore making your own cleaners. A simple recipe for an all-purpose or glass cleaner can cost only pennies to whip up. Most cleaning solutions can be made with ingredients carried in your local grocery store. Buy in bulk to save even more.

Chemical free products are better for the environment.

Putting aside the issues of plastic disposal and waste issues, conventional cleaners hurt the earth in other ways too. The chemicals in them can seep into the water, and water treatment facilities can’t treat all of them. Over time, the cumulative effects of these products can affect wildlife and other natural resources.

You might want to consider a mix of traditional cleaning products and natural solutions, even replacing the conventional products with more chemical-free options as you go. I promise you’ll notice a difference in your air quality, cleanliness, and wallet! And if you need help keeping up with cleaning – who doesn’t? – reach out. I am passionate about natural cleaning products and using processes that are great for my clients, their family, and the environment.

Remember to follow along on my blog to get tons of green cleaning tips, tricks, and product recommendations – and I’m always here if you have questions!

Happy Cleaning!


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