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Standard Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning - What's the Difference?

Deep Cleaning

You’ve heard these words being spoken around your mom friends, or maybe your auntie has just “had one,” but you’re wondering what the heck they’re talking about. “Do I need one?” Don’t panic. This is a common question asked by new clients when they come on board with House Bliss Cleaning Services. Often people don’t think they need deep cleaning, or they’re unsure when it comes to deciding whether your home needs a deep clean. So to simplify this process, we wrote this article to explain the difference and how often you should do this practice.


What is the difference?  

A standard clean is something that a homeowner does (or should do) regularly to upkeep the cleanliness of their homes. Regular chores, such as vacuuming and mopping the floors, general bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting.

When you initiate a residential cleaning service with us, your home will get a thorough cleaning, to bring the home to our standards. This cleaning will be longer than future recurring cleanings. At the initial cleaning, we include, for instance, wiping the doors, dusting exposed baseboards, chairs, dressers, and other small furniture, dusting window sills, sink basins, and cabinets. We pay attention to places in your home that tend to go unnoticed. 

A deep clean, to us, is when on top of the “special attention,” more effort is needed, scrubbing, dusting, and wiping. Take a look at these bathtubs and guess which one would be considered to need a deep cleaning: 

In most cases, be the case when the same level of cleaning is required in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living areas. In general, deep house cleaning takes more time, and also require more effort, compared to a regular maintenance cleaning. That’s why it is slightly more expensive.

What Does My Cleaning Include?

At House Bliss Cleaning, we recommend that a deep clean should be carried out if the house has not been professionally cleaned in the last three months. After the initial cleaning, you may also want to repeat this ritual once per year after you become our client, or when a tenancy ends.

We make this easy for you through our booking form. Simply, “add on” the “deep cleaning” and let us know the accurate size and condition of your home so we can provide you with an accurate estimate. More details of what is included in a deep cleaning service can be found on our service page

Don’t panic! We don’t hide anything from you. The additional add-ons are listed on our booking page, or we can talk about them during a phone consultation, so don’t worry about hidden costs. We’re a full disclosure company and want you to be informed about what you’re getting for your buck!  

Psst, it doesn’t include the inside of the oven or fridge, windows, inside cabinets or drawers, or top of floating cabinets. Every home is different, so we must separate these items to provide a fair flat rate based on the number of rooms and the size of the house.

An image showing services offered at extra charge

Why is a Deep Cleaning Important?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here; deep cleaning takes time and effort. Still, the benefits you will see and feel are underestimated. If you neglect to treat your home to regular cleanings, it can become hazardous for your family’s health. This is especially true if you have allergy suffers or young children in the house. The build-up of dust, mold, mildew, and bacteria can make the symptoms of an allergy sufferer worse. 

Your naturally curious baby is going to put everything in their mouths, and nothing in your home is immune to that. The American Cleaning Institute state that a sanitized, clean home has an essential role in fighting off harmful diseases and improving general health and can have the following benefits:

Better indoor air quality

Freeing your home from dust and allergens by cleaning carpets, furniture, curtains, and walls will benefit not only allergy suffers but also the whole family who will be able to breathe in fresher air. 

Eliminates bacteria and viruses

Dirty environments can become home for many microorganisms to breed. The more dust and dirt that is in your house – the more bacteria. Deep cleaning can also be seen as disinfecting your home from top to bottom and inside out. Something that can’t be achieved with regular cleaning.

Reduces mold 

Deep cleaning requires you to move stuff around – your furniture and household appliances. This is an excellent way of detecting mold growth that you may not have spotted with a regular clean. Mold build-up can be hazardous for allergy sufferers and can cause other respiratory illnesses. 

Reduces stress

A clean, clutter-free house makes for a clean, clutter-free mind. According to psychology studies, when your space is clean and tidy, you are more productive and focused; you have less stress and anxiety and feel more energized and positive. 

Encourages organization

As you know by now, moving things around during a deep clean is unavoidable. This can become an excellent opportunity for you to go through your possessions and throw away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. You may find yourself loading boxes of things that you can sell and organize for a garage sale. 

Clean bathroom

Wondering if your house in Boston needs a deep cleaning?

So you’ve decided you want to go deep… 

In the mood to get stuck in and tackle that deep clean yourself, but don’t know where to start? 

You sure can do that, but you have to figure out if you have the time and energy to complete this project. There’s a ton of details to take into account.   

If you’ve chosen the DIY route, schedule in a day on your calendar, buy the products you need, print our  FREE House Bliss Cleaning Checklist to guide you, and get started! However, you will discover that hiring a team of professionals who already have the products and the eye to detail will save you time and energy. Time is money, but it also saves you from spending dollars on those products and tools that will clutter up your cupboard, just waiting to be used again. Above all, we hope that you have stocked up on elbow grease to achieve our high standard of cleanliness. 

So ask yourself DIY style, or will it benefit you more to hire a team of professionals that already has all the products you need and knows how to use them?

Being in this business since 2016, we have seen it all! We have cleaned homes of all sizes and conditions. From regular initial cleaning to very intensive heavy-duty cleaning where we’ve collaborated with Professional Organizers, cleaning houses in hoarding conditions after the purging process.


How To Prepare For A Deep Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning requires moving small furniture and cleaning beneath small counter appliances. Just because these items are pretty much static for all or most of the time, it doesn’t mean that it never gets dirty. It does. So moving them around is essential to get the most out of your deep cleaning experience. 

House Bliss Cleaning team can move all small pieces of furniture with ease; however, they must have protective felt glides attached to them so we can push and move them with ease without scratching your beautiful wood flooring or rip your new fluffy carpets. 

Although we want to make it fast and straightforward to get the job started with our online booking page, where you can get a quote and book in 60-second, we will make sure you know just what to expect from us. To avoid surprises, we follow-up after booking an initial cleaning with a “New Client Intake Survey” email, and confirm that you understand our Service Agreement.

Keep in mind, to get a deep cleaning, you must be upfront during the booking process. We hate to disappoint you, but as much as we love to see ourselves as cleaning superwomen, we can’t help if we don’t plan extra time. After all, we will not cancel the next client or work until after-hours to battle with the excess clutter to get to the surfaces in your home. In this case, we’ll assume you want us to clean around it, and we’ll do our best with a priority focus cleaning. 

A cluttered kitchen counter

A typical housecleaner’s workday: 

Our client, Anna, is a single mom of 3 kids. Her time is divided between her job, the kids’ activities, and other daily things she needs to do, including sleeping. Everybody needs that! She gave her crew a nickname, “cleaning fairy godmothers,” when she told us this is her favorite day of the week is when we come. We allocate sufficient time for this weekly cleaning to wash a full sink of last night’s dinner dishes, in addition to our TLC cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, and other living areas.

The next clients, Ben and Stephen, a couple of young professionals who live in an apartment slightly smaller than Anna’s. Ben often travels for business, and they live a minimalist lifestyle. They leave a few dishes from breakfast to be washed or load in their dishwasher, and the counter space is wide open for cleaning. 

So which kitchen will require us more time and effort each time we clean? Which client pays more for the cleaning? The answer is simple! Just take into account, washing piles of dishes can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the sink size. 

A clean kitchen

We face some skepticism from clients. “Do I have to clean before the cleaners come? I must as well same the money and do the work myself”. 

It requires more time to clean a home where we have to perform some daily tasks such as washing dishes, picking up toys from the floor or extensive tidying up, and moving piles of clutter. But, make no mistake, we’re happy to help with any level of cleaning. We count that we will be upfront with us to “add extras” when you book so we can allocate extra time to work our magic.

Are you trying to think of the last time your home got treated to a deep clean? Do you have absolutely NO time to schedule in that cleaning day? Maybe it’s time to release the burden onto a professional team who can take care of this for you. That way, your busy schedule remains uninterrupted, and you can be safe in the knowledge that your house is being blissfully kept and maintained. 

Have you ever requested a Deep Cleaning from a housecleaner in Boston, and was left frustrated with the experience? Please comment below, what was lacking in the cleaning, and most importantly was the cleaner willing to mitigate these issues?

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