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Standard Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning - What's the Difference?


DEEP CLEANING. You’ve heard these words being spoken around your mom friends or maybe your auntie has just ‘had one’ but you’re wondering what the heck they’re talking about. “Do I need one?” Don’t panic. This article will answer all those pressing questions when it comes to deciding whether your home needs a deep clean, and how often you should do this practice. 




A standard clean is something that a homeowner does (or should do) on a regular basis to upkeep the cleanliness of their home such as vacuuming and mopping the floors, general bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting. Depending on the size of the house, these tasks are performed as and when you have time in your busy schedules or for an hour or two a day. 


A deep clean is when special attention gets paid to those places in your home that tend to go unnoticed during a standard clean. It’s that kind of clean where you mark the calendar weeks in advance in bold: CLEANING DAY and no one is allowed to get in your way.  At House Bliss Cleaning, we recommend that a deep clean should be carried out if the house has not been professionally cleaned in the last two months, before a big event or holiday, or when a tenancy ends.


Are you trying to think of the last time your home got treated to a deep clean? Do you have absolutely NO time to schedule in that cleaning day? Maybe it’s time to release the burden onto a professional team who can take care of this for you. That way, your busy schedule remains uninterrupted and you can be safe in the knowledge that your house is being blissfully kept and maintained. 


If you choose House Bliss Cleaning to give your home the TLC it deserves, we will suggest that a DEEP CLEANING is carried out before reoccurring cleaning services commence. We make this easy for you through our booking form. Simply, “add on” the deep cleaning service and let us know the accurate size and condition of your home so we can provide you with an accurate quote. More details of what is included in a deep cleaning service can be found on our service page. Psst, it doesn’t include the inside of the oven or fridge. These are additional add ons. 

An image showing services offered at extra charge

So now you’ve booked your deep cleaning service and your team of cleaning fairy godmothers are coming in the morning and they’ll organize all my bathroom toileteries, wash last night’s dinner dishes and empty out the cat’s litter tray!?

Uhh… No.

These are seen as personal daily tasks carried out by the home owner before the cleaning team arrives. Yes, the cleaning before the cleaning team arrives thing is REAL! If you want us to carry out these tasks, we’d be happy to do so, but you will need to ‘add them on’ to your booking so we can allocate enough time to do them. 

As much as we love to see ourselves as cleaning superwomen, we aren’t going to battle with your excess clutter to get to the surface, we’ll assume you want us to clean around it. So be sure to remove any excess clutter that is blocking something that you would like us to work our magic on. 

Why is a Deep Cleaning Important?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here, deep cleaning takes time and effort but the benefits you will see and feel are underestimated. If you neglect to treat your home to a deep cleaning once in a while, it can become hazardous for your family’s health. This is especially true if you have allergy suffers or young children in the house. The buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria can make the symptoms of an allergy sufferer worse. 

Your naturally curious baby is going to put everything in their mouths and nothing in your home is immune to that. The American Cleaning Institute state that a sanitized, clean home has an essential role in fighting off harmful diseases and improving general health and can have the following benefits:

Better indoor air quality – Freeing your home from dust and allergens by cleaning carpets, furniture, curtains, and walls will not only benefit allergy suffers, but also the whole family who will be able to breathe in fresher air. 


Eliminates bacteria and viruses – Dirty environments can become home for many microorganisms to breed. The more dust and dirt that is in your house – the more bacteria. Deep cleaning can also be seen as disinfecting your house from top to bottom and inside out. Something that can’t be achieved with regular cleaning.


Reduce mold – Deep cleaning requires you to move stuff around – your furniture and household appliances. This is a great way of detecting mold growth that you may not have spotted with a regular clean. Mold build-up can be very dangerous for allergy sufferers and can cause other respiratory illnesses. 


Reduce stress – A clean, clutter-free house makes for a clean, clutter-free mind. When your space is clean and tidy, psychology studies looking at the benefits of cleanliness show that you are more productive and focused, you have less stress and anxiety and feel more energized and positive. 


Encourages organization – As you know by now, moving things around during a deep clean is unavoidable. This can become a great opportunity for you to go through your possessions and throw away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. You may find yourself loading boxes of things that you can sell and organize for a garage sale. 

Clean bathroom

Wondering if your house in Boston needs a deep cleaning?


In the mood to get stuck in and tackle that deep clean yourself, but don’t know where to start? We have put together a House Bliss Cleaning Checklist that we use for all our cleaning services and we want to give it to you for FREE so you can keep track of those deep cleaning tasks so be sure to click the link above. 

Here are some examples of what a ‘standard clean’ looks like compared to a ‘deep clean’, but for more of a comprehensive list with some extras that you didn’t even give a second thought about, make sure you download our CLEANING CHECKLIST:


Cleaning the kitchen

  • Remove cobwebs from wall
  • Spot clean cabinets fronts and knobs, with special attention to the grime that collects around the cabinet handles and knobs
  • Outside of range hood cleaned 
  • Clean the stove top and burners
  • Clean Microwave inside and outside
  • Wipe table and chairs
  • Wipe down countertops
  • Fronts of fridge and dishwasher cleaned 
  • Wipe down all small appliances – toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc 
  • Wash inside of kitchen sink and polish faucets
  • Empty the trash and wipe down the trash container. Replace liner.
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped 

Everything in Standard cleaning plus:

  • Wipe down doors and frame
  • Clean window sills and ledges
  •  Clean excessive grease from cabinets and appliances
  • Clean every cabinet door front, sides, handles & sill
  • Clean excessive number of countertop appliances
  • Remove oven tray to clean floor under stove
  • Dust exposed baseboard 
  • And more

Everything in Standard and Deep Cleaning, plus: 

  • Clean baked on grease off a stove top
  • Clean baked on grease off a microwave
  • Wash piles of dishes
  • When everything is extremely dirty.

Special requests outside scope of standard cleaning, such as: 

  • Clean top of hanging cabinet (not installed to the ceiling)
  • Empty and/or clean inside cabinets and/or drawers
  • Clean inside oven refrigerator and/or freezer
  • Clean under greasy range hood and filter
  • Deep Clean window blinds & window frames
  • Hand-wash walls (latex paint only)
  • Glass window interior and/or exterior
  • Outside window and track
  • Scrub tile floor and/or grout with machine
  • Hand-wash blind louvers

Cleaning the bathroom

  • Remove cobwebs and dust off walls
  • Dust wall hangings
  • Dust window blinds, window frames, and windowsills
  • Spot clean door and disinfect door knobs
  • Wipe and disinfect light switches
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs and floor
  • Wash & dry inside tub, tile and shower head (Remove hard water and soap scum)
  • Wash & dry shower door, track & glass
  • Tidy up exposed toiletries and towels
  • Spot clean front and sides of the cabinet and handles
  • Wipe towel racks and toilet paper holder
  • Clean and dry sink, soap dish and faucet
  • Clean & buff mirrors
  • Wash inside & outside toilet; clean base & the lids & floor and near the wall
  • Vacuum exposed baseboards, floor, reaching corners & edges under the vanities, toilette and other furniture
  • Empty trash and replace liner / Clean wastebasket
  • Mop floor and return area rugs on the dry floor

Everything in the Standard Cleaning, plus: 

Clean excessive amount of dust from vents & bathroom fan

Clean light fixtures & fingerprints from walls

Baseboards hand wiped to remove excessive dust and removing scuff marks from floors

Scrub clean window frames

Clean excessive amount of hard water and soap scum in shower/tub and scrub grout

Clean excessive dirty toilet

Living Areas and Bedrooms

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How to prepare for a deep clean in Boston?

First of all, you have to figure out if you have the time and energy to complete this project DIY style or will it benefit you more to hire a team of professionals? Here a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide:  

Deep cleaning requires more time, products and supplies. If your home hasn’t been deep cleaned in a while or at all, I hope that you have stocked up on elbow grease and energy as it will require time, effort, products and tools to get it back to a high standard of cleanliness. So – do you go to the supermarket and purchase all the products that you will need? or do you hire a professional team who already has all the products you need and knows how to use them?

Deep Cleaning requires moving furniture and appliances. Just because these items are pretty much static for all or most of the time, it doesn’t mean that it never gets dirty. It does. So moving them around is essential to get the most out of your deep cleaning experience. House Bliss Cleaning team are able to move all small pieces of furniture with ease, however, heavier furniture such as sofas and beds must have protective felt glides attached to them so we can push and move them with ease without scratching your beautiful wood flooring or rip your new fluffy carpets.

If you’ve chosen the DIY route, schedule in a day on your calendar, buy the products you need, print off our House Bliss Cleaning Checklist to guide you and get started! However, hiring a team of professionals who already have the products and the know-how can not only save you time and energy, but it can also save you money on spending dollars on those products that will only clutter up your cleaning cupboard, just waiting to be used again. 

If you’re ready to give your house the deep cleaning it deserves so you and your family can benefit from all its goodness, House Bliss Cleaning offers deep cleaning services as a one time service or as an add on before booking recurring standard cleaning services. Head on  over to our website to find out about what we offer, receive an instant quote and book your appointment online, or call to schedule over the phone. – Click here to contact us today!

Have you ever requested a Deep Cleaning from your housecleaner in Boston, and wasn’t totally happy with the results? Please comment below, what was lacked in the cleaning, and most importantly was the cleaner willing to mitigate the issues? 


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