The health of and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our top priority. Read about our response to COVID19. 

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House Bliss Cleaning response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

House Bliss Cleaning, a family-owned and operated house cleaning business, is closely monitoring developments of coronavirus (COVID-19) from government officials and public health experts. In compliance with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s stay-at-home advice and ordered the closure of non-essential businesses, on April 4, 2020, we canceled all services in Boston.

As we gear up to slowly return to cleaning homes and apartments in Boston, it is our utmost priority to protect our clients, our staff.  We are training our house cleaners on protocols set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for cleaning and disinfecting your home.

At House Bliss, we have taken these recommendations to heart and we have even added some additional safeguards of our own.

Our plan to provide a safe cleaning service

During the quarantine period, we provided additional training to our teams on best practices for cleaning and hygiene, including:

  • Employee Temperatures checks will be conducted morning and night. Employees who display or report a temp over 99°F, or who don’t feel well, or who have any flu-like symptoms, or who even sick family members will not report to work.
  • Our housecleaners will be wearing a facemask, gloves, and shoe covers when entering your home. Even if employees wear gloves, they should wash their hands upon removal of the gloves in case their hand(s) became contaminated during the removal process. Crews will avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Proper and frequent hand washing will occur
  • Covering a sneeze with tissue or sleeve never with the hands will be used
  • Maintaining a distance of six feet or more from homeowners will be practiced.  We would recommend homeowners be in a separate room for added safety. 
  • We will open windows when at all possible to allow for fresh air to circulate. 
  • We will Eliminate chances for cross-contamination. At House Bliss, we have adopted a color-coded system, and ensure we never use a cloth in more than one house. We use microfiber cloths, which go through a sanitation process to ensure they are ready for safe use. We have always cleaned our cloths in washing machines on the sanitize cycle. According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 145°F/63°C
  • Equipment Sanitizing – Our employees will wipe down the equipment with a disinfectant before entering your home.
  • Our vacuum cleaners provide high-efficiency filtration (HEPA) that contain and trap the virus.
  • Clients who opt to provide cleaning cloths are encouraged to adopt a similar color-coding system to ensure our house cleaners can differentiate which cloth to use for bathroom and kitchen.

House cleaning and disinfection protocols for the coronavirus

We have been researching various disinfecting products and solutions that we can provide our clients to help keep them safe. The good news: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronaviruses are among the class of viruses that are the easiest for many disinfectant products to kill, and can be removed by liquid detergents and water.

“The structure of these viruses includes a lipid envelope, which is easily compromised by most disinfectants. Once the lipid envelope is damaged, the integrity of the virus is compromised, thereby neutralizing its infectivity”.


We are very eager for the delivery of Eva Clean 360º electrostatic spray system loaded with PUR:ONE a hospital-grade cleaning solution that claims to kill viruses, including Covid-19 in seconds. More info will be forthcoming.

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More than ever before, our teams will go above & beyond to provide the best clean possible. This cleaning is evaluated on sight and smell. Nevertheless, it will include our 10-point cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home, this includes: 

  1. Doorknobs
  2. Light switches 
  3. Stairway railings
  4. Faucets
  5. Kitchen and bathroom counters 
  6. Cabinet and drawer handles 
  7. Appliances handle
  8. Toilet handles
  9. Toilet seats
  10. Floor mopping – using a neutral pH hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe for all floor surfaces. If you prefer us to use your floor cleaner or vacuum, please let us know.

Cost of Service for returning clients

Our teams will continue using a variety of techniques to ensure that each home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized so that you may enjoy a clean and healthy home. 

The cost of cleaning new and existing clients’ homes is based on frequency as this affects the time and elbow grease that it takes to do a particular job. 

We will guarantee current clients the same price they’ve been paying before, however, the initial cleaning returning to customer’s homes will be based on our current initial cleaning price. If the family has not been able to keep up with the cleaning during the quarantine period, (i.e. bathrooms that need extra attention) and our cleaners assessment is that deep cleaning is needed, we’ll let the client know that a deep cleaning add on will be billed. As said, once we have the house cleaned back to our standards, the cost will be the same based on the maintenance clean frequency.

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Risk Assessment  

We are in communication with our clients to offer residential cleaning services assessed as comfortable having us back into their homes. 

We request clients to let us know in advance of an appointment if there are any concerns about any person living in the house who is potentially sick. 

We offer residential cleaning services assessed by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as  “Sanitary Defense Condition Level 1,” which means cleaning environments that have no contagious disease threads. Our employees are not prepared or trained on Biohazard Cleanup and related matters such as:  

  • Cleaning biohazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)
  • Cleaning cat litter box and on floor
  • Cleaning up animal waste
  • Cleaning insects/rodents
  • Cleaning anything outside the home
  • Cleaning inside fireplace
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Moving or lifting anything over 25 lbs
  • Hoarding, high levels of trash/debris

Please know that we are here to help, and I encourage you to contact us for support with any questions you may have. 

Warm regards, 

Cintia Leone

reference:  https://www.issa.com/wp-content/uploads/GBACTipSheet3.pdf


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