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3 Easy Steps To Declutter And Organize Your Home

We all give our homes the once over on a bright Saturday morning or an easy Sunday afternoon and it’s usually enough to give us that fuzzy feeling of satisfaction that only a clean, tidy home can give us. Until one day, you notice dust gathering in a small, stubborn space in the corner of the room. Now you can’t stop thinking about those hard to reach spots and crevices just neglectfully gathering dust and dirt.


Think about it: when was the last time you cleaned under the fridge or behind the toilet? Before you panic, you’ll be happy to know that there is good news! 


Cleaning nooks and crannies and achieving that ultimate professional clean is fairly straightforward when you have the right cleaning tools and guess what? They’re not fancy equipment that’s going to drain your bank account dry. 


We have put together simple steps that you can follow to keep on top of things with some tools and product recommendations that we use on a daily basis to tackle those nooks, crannies and other hard-to-reach places:

Step #1: Make A Checklist

Making a checklist before you begin will help you identify what areas you need to target so you don’t leave anything out. If you don’t have a checklist to follow, it’s likely that you’ll miss places you didn’t even think about. If you want to achieve that ultimate professional clean and be satisfied that every nook and cranny has been dealt with, you have to go hard or go home. 

Don’t know where to start or feeling overwhelmed thinking about it? 

We got you. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow checklist that you can print and tick off as you go through your DIY deep detail clean. To get your hands on this checklist, fill out the form below, and we will send you your printable PDF checklist straight to your inbox! 

Don’t have the energy or the time to combat those pesky nooks and crannies? Maybe it’s time to call in the professionals to fight the battle for you and win the war against neglected dust and dirt!

Step #2: Get The Basics

If you haven’t done so already, stock up your cleaning cupboard with our go-to, fail proof cleaning basics such as microfiber cloths, good quality sponges, and a toxic-free household cleaning solution.

These products are the foundations of your deep cleaning project. 


These basic products are essential for those small places that can’t be reached by most cleaning tools and equipment such as the back of the toilet. Usually, this means getting down on your hands and knees with your cloths, sponges and cleaning solution and giving it a good DIY scrub. If this is out of the question for you, call in the professionals to handle it with elbow grease and effective, chemical-free solutions. 

Mops are a great tool for general cleaning but using the same head over and over again can spread more dirt and grime than it cleans up. But we understand how convenient and easy it is to use a mop. That’s why we love this Evriholder Removal Broom. It’s so versatile and perfect for using with microfiber cloths! Simply place a clean cloth over the head of the mop and clean as usual! You’ll get ultra clean results every time because you’re not rinsing the same old mucky mop over and over again. 

We adore our microfibre cloths because they can be used for pretty much anything. From dusting, cleaning surfaces to doors and even light plates! Keeping a damp microfiber cloth handy can solve so many problems and prevent anything from getting too dirty again. 

cleaning under radiator

Step #3: Get high & Go Down low

Time to get high and go down low! We’re talking ceiling fans, behind bookcases and under beds and sofas. These places are hidden away from plain sight which means they’re often neglected. This gives dust and dirt the perfect chance to slowly and quietly build up and attract unwanted pests. These areas need to be cleaned regularly. 


Does this mean lifting heavy sofas, beds and disconnecting your fridge? Heck no! If our cleaning professionals lifted and moved heavy appliances and furniture all day, they’d be calling in sick with back pain! Instead, we use this Microfiber Feather Duster with Extension Pole to get to those hard to reach places and tight spaces. It gets the job done easily without breaking our backs! 

Step #4: Keep It Simple

Imagine a world where you can clean almost anything with just one cleaning appliance… Well, your fairy cleaning godmothers have answered your prayers! We are absolutely in love with our multi-purpose vacuum cleaner – Miele Classic C1 Turbo Canister Vacuum. This machine is recommended by doctors when it comes to cleaning the homes of people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Of course, we had to invest and we have no regrets! 

Mielle accessories

It has a phenomenal filtration system and comes with three attachments so you can practically clean EVERYTHING from carpets, fabric furniture, ceiling vents, to hardware floors. Its upholstery nozzle is perfect for anything made from fabric, even lampshades! It also comes with a crevice tool that allows suction in the tightest of places such as between the furniture, kitchen cabinets and bathroom appliances. 

Seriously, this piece of equipment has changed our lives.

Dirty sofa before we cleaned with Miele vacuum

Step #5: The Fine Details

Now for the final, small but crucial details of our deep cleaning project. We’re talking about areas that often get missed when being cleaned with a sponge or microfiber cloth such as the corners of appliances, around taps and those thin, narrow crevices.


No professional cleaning kit is complete with these detailed professional cleaning brushes for tackling small nooks and crannies. 


“But they look like toothbrushes, can’t I just use an old toothbrush?” we hear you say. Sure you can! Just make sure you label your cleaning brushes so you don’t get them mixed up in the bathroom! 

Detail brush

Another brush you can find in our kit that we love is the Fuller Brush Premium Comfort Grip Tile and Grout Brush. It specifically targets mold and grout found in between tiles.

Step #6: Maintain

And you’re done! You’ve evicted those unwanted pests, shook the dust and cleared the dirt from every corner of your home. Give yourself a pat on the back, sit down and relax with a cup of coffee.


However, we all wish our homes stay clean forever, but we know this isn’t the case. Keep on top of your cleaning by keeping an eye out for any dust or dirt lingering. Go around the house weekly with a duster and cloth. This can save you from declaring another war with the dust and dirt that will build up around your home.


“You know what they say about an ounce of prevention? Protect yourself from a pound of dust later.”


As always, we are here ready to fight your cleaning battles for you with our deep cleaning service or let us keep on top of things with our regular cleaning services


Do you have any cleaning tips or products that are amazing for getting dirt and dust from those nooks and crannies in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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