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Hire Our Cleaning Service Guilty Free

The holidays are around the corner, although it’s a fun time of the year, filled with family parties, friend gatherings, and fuzzy feelings of gratitude, so many of us also get caught up in a sense that we have to accomplish it all.

Our to-do lists get longer. The cooking, shopping, the house decor, organizing for guests, and nevertheless, cleaning! As our to-do list gets longer, we struggle because we don’t get extra time to complete all these tasks, which can cause us to feel defeated and overwhelmed.

That’s why in this blog, we share a real story about a dear client, and how we helped her to see that she deserved to allow us to come into her home and help her with the house cleaning. Please note, the story is real, but we changed her name for privacy reasons.            

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Meet Carrie - the "Super Mom"

Carrie works from home full-time running her business as well as being a mom of a two year old toddler. She was struggling to balance her full-time work while keeping up with the household work. Not to mention finding the time to have quality time with her husband and children in the evening.   

Something had to give. So Carrie booked her first cleaning service online. When the House Bliss Cleaning team met Carrie for the first time, she was embarrassed. She showed us around her home and felt huge amounts of guilt when it came to showing her master bathroom.

She had been so busy with her work and her family that she felt that she had neglected to deep clean the bathroom for a couple of months. We were shocked that she felt this way as the whole reason she hired a cleaning service was to clean! 
Even though Carrie worked from home, she felt guilty that she couldn’t find the time to do the housework. After all, if you’re at home all day, you should be able to do your house cleaning, right? 

Wrong. Times are changing, and more people are working from home rather than in an office. But whether they do their job at home or the office, the same principles apply. There are still emails to be answered, phone calls to be made, work to be done. 

Why do people feel guilty?

Social Expectations

As women, we feel like society expects us to be superheroes and kick ass in every single aspect of our lives – our career, our marriage, our business, raising children, housework… the list goes on! Even though we are pretty damn incredible at multitasking and being organized, sometimes we just don’t have the time and energy to do EVERYTHING. 

We feel more of that pressure from the older generation who dedicated their lives to running a household, bringing up children and waiting on their husbands. But times have changed. So don’t let Grandma Ann guilt-trip you into doing the housework because it’s expected of you when you would rather be taking on an extra client or spending time helping your children with their homework.

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The Stigma of Class Privilege

“Only the rich and famous hire maid service…” Uh, not true. 

Years ago, it seemed that only the upper-class prestige families were able to afford help in the home, and it was probably true back then, but again, times have changed. 

We provide cleaning services for all walks of life who all have different household budgets – we have clients that do opt for regular cleaning once a week. Still, we have clients who hire us for a deep cleaning once every few months and one-off clients that want our services for specific events such as moving in or out of a property. 

We have found that women fight with themselves and the decision to hire a cleaner more than men because of these expectations, stigmas, and judgment from others. Men see cleaning as a practical necessity that they don’t have time to do. Why can’t women see cleaning in the same way? We need to stop beating ourselves up for outsourcing this task while we concentrate on doing other, more important things that we want to do.

7 Benefits of Hiring A Cleaning Service

The benefits of hiring a cleaning service definitely outweigh the guilt that you put on yourself. Not only for you and your time, but it can also benefit your family, your business, and even save your marriage!

1. Less Stress & Less Family Dramas

Having a huge task such as household cleaning removed from your to-do list can relieve a lot of stress weight from your shoulders. Who wants to come home after a long day at the office to dirty floors, unwashed dishes, and a smelly bathroom is enough to give anyone a midweek meltdown. Instead, coming home with stress dragging you down can be easily lifted when you walk into a freshly clean, blissful haven where there is nothing else to do but relax and spend quality time with your family on the sofa or with yourself in the tub. 

Unless you live alone, you’re not the only one causing a mess in your home, so why should it be your sole responsibility to clean up after everyone? Hiring a cleaning service to take care of it can eliminate those dramas with your hubby and arguments with your housemate over household chores.

2. Natural Cleaning

At House Bliss Cleaning, we only use natural, eco-friendly products when we clean to protect your family’s health and your treasured home from harsh, toxic chemicals and substances. No more spending hours looking and researching for natural, green cleaning products – we will take care of all that effort for you.

3. More Quality Time

Let’s face it; if you’re a mom, you already have a million jobs: mom, cook, nurse, chauffeur, tutor, maid… You could either do a half-hearted job at every single role listed or focus on the tasks that are important to you and give them more time and energy by delegating the tasks you’re not so keen on doing to others. 

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or career-focused. Hiring a cleaning service gives you more time to take on extra clients, grow your business, or work hard for that promotion without worrying about making time to clean the house. 

Hiring a cleaning service can be seen as an effective method of time management. Just because you chose not to spend your quality time cleaning, does that decrease your value as a woman? Heck, no!

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4. Everybody Outsources

Do you weave your own clothes? Fill in your own cavities? Grow your own apples? I didn’t think so! We go to the clothes shop to buy clothes, the dentist for our dental work and the supermarket for our food that is grown by others. 

We are consumers, and we outsource tasks every day without realizing it. So how is outsourcing the task of cleaning any different?

5. You Empower An Entrepreneur

Many people who hire cleaning services often forget that they PAY for the service. Behind the business is a successful, hard-working entrepreneur who markets and promotes these services that you pay for on purpose to grow their small business. 

Purchasing a cleaning service is another way of supporting small, local businesses. 

6. You Are Not Exploiting Anyone

Some people have this perception that hiring help to do ‘dirty’ work, such as cleaning, its exploitation. This claim is ridiculous and a little offensive, in our opinion. We chose to clean as a career because guess what? We love to clean! We feel a massive sense of purpose and fulfillment when we see how delighted our clients are after a cleaning service and learn how much we help them in their busy, chaotic lives. 

So don’t feel sorry for us cleaners. Our office is different every day. They earn above well-paid wage. We get to hang out at some of the most beautiful homes in Boston, where families make priceless, precious memories. They prefer cleaning than being stuck between four walls staring blankly at a screen. 

7. You Deserve It!

At the end of the day, you work hard. You are running a business, running a home, bringing up children, working on your marriage, and being stretched in every angle possible. We all deserve a break and to treat ourselves. Some people will treat themselves to a facial, a manicure at the salon, or even a rare night out. What’s so wrong about treating and rewarding your hard work with a cleaning service?? However, you choose to reward yourself for being a fantastic CEO of your life; you should never feel guilty about doing things for yourself. 

Do you struggle with the shame and guilt of hiring a cleaning service? Share your thoughts and feelings about it below in the comments section!

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