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Chemical Free Cleaning

Make your home a chemical free sanctuary

House Bliss Cleaning is pioneering a process that safely replaces  household cleaners with ionized water!


Acidic, Alkaline Ionized Water and its uses

Most harsh chemicals can be replaced by either acidic or alkaline water with no loss of effectiveness

The business of disinfecting

We would like to think of our homes as sanctuary, where we come and rest from  the vicissitudes of modern life. But ironically is often the opposite. The vast  majority of household cleaning products on the market are some of the most toxic  legal chemical produced! 

Having the safety of our clients and employees in mind, House Bliss Cleaning  developed an exclusive process, directly supervised by our Certified Chemist that  uses ionized water for a chemical free cleaning!

How it works:

It’s an open secret in the chemical industry that the base of most chemicals designed to clean our homes are based on acidic or alkaline water.  The problem starts when harsh chemicals are added to individualize products from competition (selling water wouldn’t sound good in their adds).

Using strong acidic water mixed with some neutral soap has the same effect on braking down protein and killing germs as any bleach product, leaving no harsh residue behind. We tested it hundreds of times!

Similarly, low acidic water can be used to clean floors. Low alkaline water mixed with 70% alcohol is used to clean general surfaces and strong alkaline to break down grease an oils on stoves and household appliances. Essential oils are added for a pleasant smell. 

Contrary to mainstream belief, chemical free cleaning is perfectly possible and our processes are living proof of that!