How To Store Chemicals Safely At Home

how to store hazardous chemicals safely at home

How are you storing your household chemicals in your home? Maybe you have some sitting side by side under the kitchen sink, a few bottles in the shower or even on your bedside table? Many of us don’t really think about storing our chemicals safely and some of us are guilty of using these hazardous […]

4 Natural Ways To Kill Black Mold

A clean bathtub with a towel hanging

4 Natural Ways to Kill Black Mold There’s nothing like returning to your beautiful Boston home after the House Bliss Cleaning team has been in to professionally and naturally clean your house. You instantly feel calmer to see your clean home, and you plan soaking up in the bathtub and jump in the shower to […]

Green Cleaning: Should You Be Using Borax?


Green Cleaning: Should You Be Using Borax? Is Borax Green or not?  Have you ever gotten so frustrated at the grimy marks around your bathtub that you’re about to give up with the green cleaning and get the big Bleach boys out? Well before you slap on those protective rubber gloves on, we want to […]

Show the Earth Some Love: Eco-Friendly Housecleaning Tips

A person mopping the floor of their kitchen

I know you’re busy – I am too. I know it’s easy to gravitate toward whatever product promises to solve your problems the quickest. But it is possible to show the Earth some love fast (and well) with these simple eco-friendly house cleaning tips. You might not realize the impact your cleaning methods can have […]

3 Steps To A Greener Home

A green potted plant representing House Bliss Cleaning’s commitment to using all green cleaning products

3 Steps To A Greener Home You want to save money, provide a safer environment in your home and look after the Earth. Non-toxic cleaning – otherwise known as green cleaning – is easier to accomplish than you think. You can still achieve that spotless and sparkling finish in your home using products that take […]

My Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products

A bridge overlooking and leading the way to a lush, green forest

My Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products Feeling a little guilty about all the chemicals in your current cleaning routine? Want to introduce more products that are good for the environment? Or maybe a little nervous about having all those toxic materials around toddlers in the house? Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore non-toxic cleaning regiments, […]

The Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products

Two bottles of all natural, non toxic, earth friendly cleaning products

The Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products Spring is around the corner, and we all know what that means – chocolate bunnies! Just kidding – well, chocolate bunnies and spring cleaning. Whether you enjoy the actual process of cleaning or not, you probably do like the feeling of a fresh, decluttered, great-smelling house. If you’ve ever […]