A mother-and-daughter team on a mission

Teresa and Cintia Leone, a mother-and-daughter team from Brazil, are on a mission. They’re making Boston a happier and cleaner place. That’s why they founded House Bliss Cleaning. Now, House Bliss Cleaning is eliminating stress and spreading bliss, offering premium housecleaning services in Boston, one home at a time.

At House Bliss Cleaning, we’re proud of what we do — enabling our customers to live in stress-free, clean and healthy homes and gain more time to do the things they love.

A healthy, balanced lifestyle includes coming home to a tidy house, and that’s why our customers depend on and trust us. No more how busy they are, they can always count on returning to the sanctity of a clean home.

We strive to offer the best service while being environmentally responsible. We personally test every product to make sure it meets the needs of our customers. If our customer isn’t happy, our job isn’t complete.

Our quality housecleaning services are available in Boston and surrounding areas. Our team of professional cleaners provide exceptional cleaning and customer service—guaranteed or your money back.

House Bliss Cleaning, LLC is insured and bonded, and every cleaner on our staff is trained and vetted.


Clean Home, Clean Conscience

We believe being a Green Cleaning Company goes beyond the cleaning products we use. We are committed to leaving your home spotless as well as dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.


In our office

  • Home office uses LED bulbs
  • We recycle environmentally toxic products such as batteries and electronics
  • Office recycling
  • Cleaning rags are cleaned in high efficiency low water washers

How we run the business

  • Limited service area to 15 miles
  • Crew traveling in Hybrid vehicle (Ford Cmax)
  • Optimize our scheduling to minimize emissions
  • Minimum printing - We use technology (i.e. email and company App) to reduce need of printing to a minimum.
  • When printing is required we opt to bulk printing on 100% recycled paper (provided by Green Printer, Eco friendly Printing)
  • Crews are trained in proper use of Green Products and to maximize water use and energy efficiency
  • Concern for health of our team and customers

The products we use

  • Use of microfiber
  • Reuse of old T-shirts washed and cut into rag size to provide a perfect, eco-friendly substitute for paper towels
  • We Purchase cleaning supplies in concentrated form, or in in bulk from local vendor
  • We purchase products that are US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Green Seal Certified as nontoxic and Earth-friendly
  • We offer an option of unscented cleaning for customers who are sensitive to odors
  • We use HEPA 3 layer filtration vacuums

The owner

  • Tree Hugger
  • Uses of bags for shopping to avoid plastic bags
  • Uses of filter and glass bottles to transport drinking water eliminate plastic bottles
  • Properly discarding of any plastic bags (if any)

In the world we live in today where information is easily accessible on the palm of our hands,  as citizens of the world, we must vote with our dollars and choose products and services that benefits our ecosystem and our health.

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Cintia Leone